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February 05, 2007



Is this the same as a pocket veto? Was the grievance cap extended? Could be interesting.

Gentle Ben

Who cares? This is much ado about nothing. These people are little more than stooges for the Democrat Party. This silliness is simply designed to generate negative publicity for Kline and has little chance for successfully getting their jobs back. Anyone want to bet?

Good Guy

Who are stooges, the fired ones or the commissioners?


Taht's a boy Gentle Ben, watching the O' Reilley Factor or Shawn Hannity has really increased you mental powers. For your information one of the employees fired is an evangelical Christian Republican, Steve Howe.

He is a good man, a good person and was with the DA's Office a very very long time. If the Republican Committee people had an sense of decency or fairness they would have selected Steve Howe.

But you just keep on smearing the wrong people and wrong party and watch your Fox news shows you mental giant you.


By the way Gentle Ben, your boy Kline does a pretty good job of getting negative publicity all by himself without any help from any one. He is the Democratic Party's recruitment poster child. I will speak slow for you Ben--Other people are joining the Democratic Party becasue if anything, they can disassociate themselves from Kline and you.

Take care Ben, please respond but I bet you cannot because you are watching FOX

A nonny mouse

This just in from NBC Action News:

All employees kicked off county payroll. Taypayers are NOT footing the bill.


If all the people Kline fired before he had ever met them are "stooges for the Democrats", why are the County Commisioners chickening out on holding the meeting? Aren't most of them righties? If this was a good firing, I'd think they would want to stand up and say so. Or maybe it is the Reps who are the gutless ones.

Gentle Ben

One of these folks was hired Dec 2 and there is a time honored tradition that if you go for the brass ring and lose, you go home. that's because an office cannot have two people who believe they should be in charge of it. Nothing wrong with Mr. Howe. He and Mr. Kline ran for the same position. Mr. Kline won and Mr. Howe gets to go home.

always seems to be hell to pay for not worshiping the right ( a pun) demagogue.

does klein just do this stuff naturally or is his insipidness a learned habit???

west side baptist

OK you JOCO sinners,

The rapture is near. Phill Kline is here to lead the people to the promise land. No more excess funding for schools. No more sex from administration people at the college. no more paid whores on the staff. Phill kline will investigate all the abortion clinics in JOCO. last year a record 3200 abortions occured in JOCO. We need Phill Kline to shut down these medical slaughter houses. God will deliver a blow to the sinners and they shall be cast down by the power of god.

God is working through Phill Kline to stop all sin. close down the liquor stores and the porn shops. Stop public education from ruining the minds of our children. Everyone get to church this thursday and pray the rapture is near. Prepare for our lord with Phill Kline and Kris Koback. They will lead us to the promise land.

West Side Baptist.


Dad gum it west side baptist, you are further entrenching the folklore that suggests us men are not good with directions.

On the otherhand if you don't know where your church is located, then maybe you won't know how to locate funerals either.

...maybe that is good.

Sam I Am

Wow. Phill Kline dares to investigate an abortion clinic and suddenly he's evil incarnate. At least to liberals.

Seems to me if I took over an office with eight employees I knew to be loyal to my political archrival, I'd probably fire them too.

Kline's a smart guy, all the haters need to shut up and let him handle his business.

free state guy

I generally oppose the manner in which abortions are seen as necessary and available in this nation. I am particularly opposed the idea of using a diagnosis of acute anxiety or depression to portray irreversible danger to a woman seeking to abort a child beyond 22 weeks of gestational age. But Phil Kline has botched every aspect of his narrowly focused campaign, investigation and prosecution of abortion in Kansas. ( go to the source and read his case filings... pitiful, sloppy,& exagerated, often seemingly written for consumption outside a court of law rather than in...)

PK was a disastrous disappointment as the attorney general and it is entirely inappropriate and ill considered for him to have been elected into the position of Johnson County District Attorney. And while I suspect "west sides" comments were contrived to be inflammatory, the reality is that there are folks out there who cherish PK with such high esteem. Over the past two months I've been repeatedly labeled as a lackey, baby killer, abortionist and satin worshiper by people angered by my public disapproval of PK and the JO Co. republican committee people who elected him.

Its worth noting that his opponents have primarily used such words as wrong, offensive, inappropriate, unqualified, and angry to describe his election as DA. His supporters have consistently responded with the most vile and offensive of name calling and accusations, moving the personal measure from anger to HATE. So much for Christian love.

Gentle Ben referred to the fired employees as stooges. GB, take a moment a search out the definitions of stooge:
“a person of unquestioning obedience,"
"a victim of ridicule"
"One who allows oneself to be used for another’s profit or advantage"
"A puppet,"
"One who plays a subordinate or compliant role to a principal."
WHO IS THE STOOGE HERE? Phil Kline is the stooge of the anti-abortion movement. By each measure. And in a peculiar twist of fate (or is it a twist of faith?) he has survived and persisted and his apologists and disciples have in turn become the stooges. Feeding and paying and praying him as he bungles forward helping no one but himself.

The fired staff from the DAs office are the victims of passions and power gone awry. They are in essence the "anti-stooges;" in this situation, refusing to be used; properly and legally questioning authority; challenging impropriety; and standing up for fairness as well as for their families.

Sam, quit your sniveling, we don't necessarily hate Phil. We RESENT him. Biblical lamentations about loyalties and archrivals are so off base here as to be... well, exactly what we must prepare for: narrow minded, short sighted, and frankly stupid arguments.

He is our DA for the next two years and I sincerely wish him success in that role. But we mustn't simply relinquish to him "free reign." He is a (questionably) elected official and HE answers to US.

amen free state.... isn't that what free means???

Gentle Ben

To Westside Baptist:

The problem with having a religious bigot like you try to hold yourself out as a Baptist is you have no real understanding of the person you're trying to imitate and so you come across like someone from the Ku Klux Klan trying to imitate and ridicule a black person.

A word to the wise however, there is a Westside church and it is a Baptist church, and your post is possibly libelous and certainly traceable. The phony screen name and generic email account wouldn't hold up past the first supeona. I'd get a new act if I were you.

Free State Guy

Yeah westside. "take that," ouch. "and that," ooompph "and this," SLAM!
Gentile Ben knows about stuff like phony screen names and generic (or otherwise fraudulent) e-mail accounts. I bet he even has a favorite lawyer who could drag you from the westside all they way out to the alleged "mainstream" and then over to the right wing docket. (hey, ya gotta give the guy credit, he got your number even if he doesn't have your address.) Peace ya'all. Sweetdreams. clear....

Gentle Ben

I am nothing if not a picture of moderation, but thank you for your kind comments concerning my knowledge and the breadth and depth thereof.

I personally am not found of the judicial system, or the legal profession and so my comments were a word to the wise. People who think they're anonymous here are sadly mistaken. Even without a screen name or generic email account, you can be traced. So I shouldn't post anything I wouldn't like to claim later on in a court of law.

Ben, you have done us all a service. Thank you.

You too, Free State Guy!

I'm not trying to be a wise guy. There's interesting and often hilarious argument here.

He is a (questionably) elected official and HE answers to US.

Posted by: free state guy | February 08, 2007 at 01:24 PM

You da man, Free State Guy. Hands down.


No he doesn't answer to you or me, Free State guy. He answers to the law.

Big difference.

Peace Marcher

Actually, Jeetz, as a public official, he works for US, the public.


Peace Marcher,

The previous post used the word "answer." I challenged it.

Working for you, yes. Answering to you, no. This country is a republic, a representative democracy. As a DA, he is an elected representative. Once elected, power has been transferred to him and his office.

He represents (works for) you, but now answers to the law -- laws of Johnson County, laws of Kansas, and ultimately U.S. laws.

I want someone in office who is passionate about the law being followed and Phill Kline exhibits that attitude.

I am waiting to see if Paul Morrison can exhibit those same qualities. Will I give him a chance? You bet. But he better do what is right, not what is popular.

Phill Kline has been ostracized for following the right path, instead of the popular path. Wouldn't we all like to be popular? And in doing so we'd have to sometimes look the other way regarding the law. Kline doesn't do that. I want to see if Morrison understands this too.

free state guy

By historical practice, it appears that PK is determined neither to answer to the people or the law. He rails against "activist judges" who legislate from the bench. Yet his own actions and choices clearly reflect a narrow political agenda and a intent to legislate from a position even further removed from such authority. His many legal filings against Tiller and Planned Parenthood have been frighteningly flawed. And no amount of praying and preaching is gonna change the words on the paper.

Jeetz comments regarding Morrison: "Will I give him a chance? You bet. But he better do what is right, not what is popular." sounds quite like a contradition to his own (reasonable) explanation of representative government.

I respond, "OR WHAT?" And of course the answer is, that you will blast him in every forum available for now and then work to vote him out of office in the future. Thus taking us back to the point of, to whom does a politician answer? (or was there some more subtle threat infered?)

I love how we all (all, yes me too) so easily choose to accept or deny our own sometimes flawed interpretations of reality. "...he better do what is right, not what is popular."

I have no doubt that PK does what he personally thinks is right. Clearly his definition of what is "right" is influenced to some measure of the "popular," (such as the johnson county precinct people) if not wide public support. (I am not denying his faith. I am pointing out that his actions are influenced and sanctioned by "his" public. A public that represents a particular and narrowly focused perspective.)

The tragedy is that PKs peculiar popularity in the anti-abortion / pro-life movement far exceeds any demonstrated measure of his professional competency.

Opportunities for significant abortion reform are dead on arrival, struck cold by the bolts of current drawn to Klines frantic waving of his shepherds hook of a lightning rod.

Thus sayeth the Free State Guy.


Free State stated me,

Jeetz comments regarding Morrison: "Will I give him a chance? You bet. But he better do what is right, not what is popular." sounds quite like a contradition to his own (reasonable) explanation of representative government.

You can elect an anti-death penalty candidate all you want. That's representative government and is popular. But if the law of the land is the death penalty, then that is "right."

That's what I meant be right v. popular.

Morrison may define himself as pro-choice (popular), but the law is not pro-choice. The law has "limits." And he better adhere to those limits which are "right."

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