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February 13, 2007



Krykee doodle!

Who told these smarmy twits evolution was true? What evidence did they use to convince them? (cause I'd reeeeelly like to see it); and, if evolution is true, and it's a random, accidental, unguided, purposeless process billions of years in the making, then it must still be going on today. Right?

So show me (missouri...get it), show me JUST ONE transitional creature alive on the planet today. Just one. Show me that dog that talks, or that fish that walks, or the snake that flies.

Those are absurd examples, but you get the idea.

Krykee doodle!

Who told these smarmy twits evolution was true?

I believe you have just proven to be that example. Unfortunately, I don't think you have transitioned as far as the rest of us.

I like number 17:

"...Why is Kansas moving so vigorously to economically sideline their children? Is their goal a state populated with Wal-Mart greeters? Who will hire kids educated like this? What college will admit them?"

— Posted by B Clough
Kansas is still knee deep in kooky Puritans, to whom our "leaders" pander. These leaders don't care about Kansans, they care about keeping their power.


I liked number 9. The song is also dedicated to locomotive, whether he agrees or not.

- It’s appropriate that this happens the day after Darwin’s birthday, on which some of us sang: “Happy birthday to you / Happy birthday to you / you look like a monkey / and your genome does too.” -

Fools will talk

An astounding lack of humility on those blogs, and in most public discourse. Seems humility's been replaced by bluster, and self-congratulatory nonsense, backed up by nothing whatsoever. They know not what they know not.


Dear locomotive breath,

The internet has evolved. We have Google.

I hope you are on board with common sense now. You're embarrassing yourself..


My, my. We are being treated to the newspaper who gave birth to the 1st Amendment's "Freedom of the Press" back in 1964. (Yes kids, I know that the Bill of Rights is really, really old. Don't get your shorts in a bunch.)

Forty-three years later, the Times can call itself the toast of town. Because there just isn't too much it won't turn into toast.


I wonder if the New York Times ran any stories after 9/11 of Kansans who gave aid and comfort to a city who welcomed any help it could get.

So soon they forget.


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