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February 13, 2007


Brown Samback

NO! Just no.

Peace Marcher

No that will leave him at odds with lots of working people in MO and they are not all conservatives.


Hopefully someone in Texas will bomb the Trans Texas Corridor highway and slow or stop it. We can hardly stand for a 1/4 mile wide 12 lane artery bleeding illegals by the truck load coming this way to be distributed by the Port. We should not be in the business of helping Mexico to ethnically cleanse its native mexican population.

The reason for the highway is to avoid the unions in the LA ports and the American Longshoremen labor used to offload the ships.

The ships now going to LA will then go to the new massive port being built on the West coast of Mexico and the entire US West will be bypassed and goods will be driven by unsafe trucks on our highways. And they will likely have hordes of illegals squirreled away inside.


I have been a lifelong Republican , and supported Blunt. However- he is absolutely crazy with wanting a Mexican Stronghold in Kansas City. This will TAKE US JOBS. This will
allow MORE illegals into the country-jumping off(& out of) the trucks all the way from the mexicn border to KC. Trucks and Drivers NOT meeting US standards will be on our roads-
proper insurance??? Sea Containers will arrive at KC- maybe with WMD's inside, Illegal drugs etc. Plus, the plan is to cede the post ares to Mexico, as is embassies9the Mexican Embassy will be in this complex) All the Trade in the world is NOT worth this intrusion on Missouri and the USA. Blunt will lose support of all Republicans with any sense at all. This is like putting a 2 ton fox in the henhouse!! Please contact all you stare Senators and Reps and insist they oppose this madness.


Sorry for some mis-spelled words in my previous post. I am just so angry with Matt Blunt and his desire to cede Missouri and the USA to Mexico. maybe he thinks if he accomplishs this he can get some free Mexican Slaves for his house hold.
What a contrast to Sarah Steelman who is realling working hard to keep Missouri money away from terrorist supporting financial institutions!!

Brown Samback

What part would underground storage sites play in this plan?

Brown Samback

What part would underground storage sites play in this plan?

Go to the original post of this article at and you will get pics plus other articles and commentary.

Great title, may Townes van Zandt RIP

Brown Samback

Jose Gilberto Soto, Teamster, RIP

D. Walker

Why is it that so many people have not figured out this group of Republicans?

Why do you all continue to support this good old boys club of Republicans. Why do you continue to believe lies?

Why can't you see the bigger picture of all these one's motives?

Really think they care about the average cititzen? Or this country or anything outside of themselves?

Even those of you who thought you would be benefiting from this party, those of you in the million dollar plus homes, many of you are losing those homes now, and many of you will be in your near future.

I am so sorry that so many fail for the bait these ones gave you.

In order for a government to run properly, outright corruption,greed,lies, and division cannot be condoned or tolerated. Too many people allowed, condoned and defended things that should have been denounced. Now everything is corrupted in every part of our government system everywhere.

This adminstration have been poison to this country. Every facet of government, corporation in their got their lead and was influenced by this adminstration and their corrupt actions. Such will cause a country to fall, as we are watching ours do.


Living poor and voting rich. It's what the uneducated do, and we're mostly the great unwashed in the kuntry.

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