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February 13, 2007


Confused Kansas City

Sam doesn't have a chance to be Kansas City's next mayor. But find out who does!


Are you kidding with the shameful promotion of your blog on this blog? Have you noticed that there's a column on the left for local blogs? Perhaps you should work through the Buzz Blog staff to get your blog added to the list. Posting irrelevant comments to promote your blog just makes it seem like it's not worth looking at. By the way, there's a post about Congressman Norwood passing away that you haven't spammed yet. You better get on that.




The "Yawn" comment is BB's biggest problem. So far (and granted it's a long way out), he has not come close to overcoming the yawn factor. that leaves him with the option of aggressively raising lots of money, which he seems unlikely to be able to do, or to become progressively radical and snippy (see Romney-Brownback exchange item). That will not work too well, either, in that he'll be on the defensive. So you're left with a frustrated, niche candidate. Maybe it's God's will.


Sam only used a half million from his senator account? Sam must not think he can get elected president. He's going to keep the real money for the easy election, Kansas Senator.

Do you think Dennis Moore would ever challenge Brownback? My own feeling is that he would not. BWTFDIK

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