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February 06, 2007


Does anybody know whether candidates who entered the race at or just before the filing deadline he will have to file campaign finance reports before the primary?

All candidates that meet the minimum filing requirements (I'm not sure what that is -- something around $300 raised OR spent either one) will have to file "8 Days Prior" Campaign Finance Reports. They are due on 2/19 for the period closing on 2/15. Contributions of $250 or more received after 2/15 and before 2/27 have to be reported within 24 hours of receipt.

Also, John Fairfield for Mayor!

Thanks. That's good to know.

I read a blog the other day State Rep John Burnett was backing Deth for a City Council seat . I wonder if that with his whole 7 votes or if he sharing it with someone else.

Why are Jolie Justice and John Burnett getting involved in City Council races they dont have enough to do in their races?????????????


From Burnett's most recent email, it also looks like he is supporting Funkhouser, too. I dont know who to feel more sorry for.

Burnett and Funkhouser that a team that would win the halloween monster candidate contest.

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