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February 07, 2007


John Edward's poll numbers. He's gonna be our Presidential candidate!!!

How come The Kansas City Star failed to mention that Cathy Jolly is endorsed by FREEDOM INC.?

2:07...they did, it was mentioned back last week or whenver it came out.

I *did* notice that there is no forum on Kraske's latest little love-fest for Roe. Apparently, it had been awhile since they went to lunch together. Even the Political Fix picked up Koster hiring him and linked the KC Star article.


"John Edward's poll numbers. He's gonna be our Presidential candidate!!!"

Oh, goodie! I can hardly wait!

John Fairfield for Mayor!


Fairfield? gimma a break nobody is paying attention to Fairfield...


Nobody paying attention?

I do - he has about fifty billboards downtown.
But that is all I know about him.

And I think the person who puts "Fairfield for Dog Catcher" is funny.

What's his vision for the city?


Koster hired Roe.

I thought he was one of the good guy Republicans.

Too bad.


And now Roe raises money from a convicted mobster for Nace.

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