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February 14, 2007


Keep your eye on General Peter Pace. Looks like the military is growing a backbone.

John Fairfield for Mayor!

Becky Nace for Waffle-Maker


Here is a question for all you wing nuts. Since Bush gets 100% blame for everything negative, does he get 100% credit for the historical diplomatic talks that are now going on that may result in the nuclear disarmament of North Korea? Just asking.


A little second amendment food-for-thought:


Craig: FYI...The North Korea proposal is virtually identical to the one Clinton achieved but was later broken by them.


Craig: Fact that was reported. The North Korea proposal is virtually identical to the one Clinton achieved but was later broken by them.

Hey craig if you actually read the story in the newspaper today you would have realized that Bush's foreign policy to North Korea is almost the exact same policy that the clinton adminstration had and Bush stopped in 2001. The only difference is that North Korea now has 40 to 50 kilograms of plutonium to make bombs. If you want to call that a success then its all you...I would call it a massive screwup


What is the status of the Light Rail initiative? Why isn't the Star holding the politicians accountable for something the citizens overwhelmingly supported? This should not be a backburner issue.


I find it telling that the last KC Buzz Blog post on light rail was way back on December 1, 2006. If nothing has happened in the last 75 days, why has nothing happened? If something has happened, why hasn't it been reported?

I just came from the South KC Chamber of Commerce luncheon/forum for our mayoral candidates. All were there with the exception of DiCapo. All gave their usual answers to questions asked--if you have attended any of these forums previously, they only vary by the audience participation.

There was one outstanding moment that needs to be addressed here on the blog because I believe that mixed in among bloggers who are commenting from their own conscience, there are also those who are "hired" guns, paid for by one candidate or another. I was suspicious of all the warnings about Roe, Gray, Glorioso, Martin and others working for different candidates, but not anymore.

Mark Funkhouser held up a mailing that had been received by a taxpayer who found it offensive and wanted Mark to know what is starting to be circulated out in the community. He bold facely addressed the audience and warned them that they well could be voting for whomever was guilty of printing these lies and mailing them out to citizens.

One of those people sitting there at the head table is guilty of the distortions and lies that were put out to YOU.

It certainly got the attention of us in attendance and I will work overtime between now and Feb. 27 to determine where my vote goes.

I am disgusted with the lengths that anyone of my neighbors, my council reps or any citizens that would put a stamp on a circular and dare to spread this filth. What is even more offensive is that the other 10 sat there with such a quizzical look upon their face, yet one of them knows well what they okay'd being done to Mark.

Not knowing what the piece of mail was, I can only assume that I got the same thing. My first thought was that it is the beginning of an all out attack on Funkhouser because he is in the lead and will probably be one of the two after the primary.

It makes me want to vote for him too.


You think Funkhouser sent the mailer out himself. I think he sees his attacks on Becky Nace are not working so he made this up and he knew who the media would blame. Look for the one who will benefit most..... hmmm.... just think about it before you blindly post a response because you happen to like a candidate!

Ace, you are saying just what was expected of you to say. First of all Funk is not attacking her, never has. Besides, she is not the most likely to have done this. In fact, most have an idea who did mail it and at the forum tonight it was pretty evident. I doubt they will do it again, because sooner or later everything leaks out.

lamar mickens

i wanted to know why the Star Blog doen't post any comment space for candidates running for city council?

I'm still finishing up my comments on the mayoral candidates and i've got a lot of praising and reprimanding to do on my take on persons running for city council; especially in the third district.

so long as I am waiting for the Star to post a "comment" link for the candidates for city council (new or incumbant).

I might as well kick things off early; starting where I know best.

My own district/ Third District.

Troy Nash....No deposit no return...Thank God you are gone!

You can check me and litte troy out going head to head at city hall in verbal confrontation back on June 7, 2006 Housing and Development meeting-(the last ten minutes-of the video; I kicked that ass)!

Saundra McFadden-Weaver:

I called....
I waited....
I called....
I waited....

i probably won't see or hear from you again. But that's what we've come to expect from our politicians in the Third District! No action; just sorry ass excuses!

The gloves are off, its time for a change and so to the readers of this blog, let me be crystal clear...

There's only one choice for Third District / in District; Brandon Ellington.

He's young, innovative and inexperienced-to the political processes of lying and city corruption. He has one thing the others don't have-sincerity; the most purest form of courageous leadership a human being can possess.

Check out his speech on the
citizens' association website at:

In conclusion i want to also say:

-kay glad your'e sorry ass is gone! eveybody-(especially black folks) are tired of your rain garden-rolling roof top selling-downtown-make over...ass kissing schemes!

And take Donovan with you!
"@## %&***** $%@#$ $#@%^"

-Becky Nace...
Keep your head up! Look to see you win as mayor...Money money's on Becky and Janice!

The rest of you (for Mayor) are betting on dead horses!

Deb, you got four more years of dealing with me... We've also circulated a petition amongst the Urban Core to place before the City Council-soon asking for $1 BILLION DOLLARS FOR THE URBAN CORE-(its real;no joke)! Tofix teh problem you and city government can't seem to do!

As to our HOPE Initiave / Petition:

I pitty those that try to impede, stop or derail the HOPE-(Helping Our People Evolve) Initiative for the Urban Core!

This time, I'm bringing a few of my friends from the community along-(around a few hundred or so)or whatever the Council Chamber will hold! Now let's see if th eeastern / Urban Core won't be the first thing on the agenda for the new year!

On immigration:

Pass it on please.


I thought we were going to make it past the really dirty campaigning.
There were a couple of dust ups at the forums, nothing significant.

Human nature being what it is, but moreso the people who are advising the candidates, being what they are all about....are turning up the fire. I received one piece today about a candidate and learned from a very reliable is from one of the council people. What a bunch of garbage, literally. Obviously getting desperate. Those campaign managers have to earn their money.

I have watched as Funkhouser worked, without much money, to get himself out in front. I watched as another particular candidate parroted his every message, at the next gathering when the applause meters indicated that it was a well received message. Funkhouser has definitely led the march. Today's response by Reiderer is a perfect example. He had no direction previous to where the latest positive or negative press went. TIF, streets, Crossroads, now the indigent care topic. Albert is easily led, not a leader. As we oldies who grew up in "legal" arena's know...when you can't make your point the first time or two around--start pounding the table. In this case, pounding the negative mailers at the front door. Not gonna work this time. Do you really think we are so ignorant is this technical age that we can't figure out pretty quickly who is doing what?


Let me be clear, I am not saying that Reiderer is responsible for any mailings. I am saying that his release today on the Truman topic is an example, in my opinion, of his and other candidates being responsive to anything that relates to Funkhouser, more than any of the other candidates. In this particular case, the release of a previous mailing on indigent care that was definitely negative campaigning. I believe this is "piling-on"....again in relationship to anything that relates to Funkhouser. Since he got the Star's endorsement, he has been fair game and these mailings I have been receiving all of a sudden, prove to me that Funkhouser is doing something right to be encouraging such ugly mailings.


In putting two and two together, it isn't too difficult to figure out who is putting the nasty lies out about Mr. Funkhouser. In today's mail there are two that have the usual suspects signature. One is mailed out of St. Louis no less...isn't that where the private research assoc. is...why would the other side of the state be interested in our local government? Maybe that previous post about state control isn't too far off base. When did we let that side of the state decide issues for us??


When did we let that side of the state decide issues for us??


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