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February 14, 2007


Wow, so we now have to pay for some parts of the website?

Gee, that really worked for the NYT.


I tried.... I really really tried.... this is just getting too complex.... bye bye


well, not ready to receive visitors just yet, are we? Look forward to using new site when operational.


Seems the moving company lost all the furniture!

I notice that many of the side links on the page are not active.

Larry Tate

when will you start posting stories on it?

Yeah, sign me up right now (NOT!)


The instructions for registering say "E-mail addresses are a required field. While you can use a fake e-mail address, doing so will mean you will not be able to reset your password should you forget it." However, when you register, it sends your initial password to said email address so if you use a fake one, you don't ever get your password to sign on with. Therefore, it looks to me like email address is a required field AND it must be your legitimate email address.

Sebelius' Right Hand Man

Give it a look!

OK, I've registered with a real email address, signed in, and I still don't see anything.

Peace Marcher

I clicked on 'register' and it said "page not found"


Peace Marcher,
There is a message that states that the register and new account links aren't working. They are trying to fix them. I clicked on it about 5 times before I saw the message.

Keith Chrostowski

The create new account and register links have been fixed.

Keith Chrostowski

The create new account and register links have been fixed.


$400 a year, my someone sure is proud of themselves, aren't we?
I about fell out of my chair at that price.

Peace Marcher

Looks like you still have some bugs to work out. I replied 3 times to one comment and it never posted my reply in the right spot. I also notice the time is wrong. Not that that is such a big deal. I don't use this blog as my clock. LOL


Goodbye Star blog - you've lost my readership with this money making scheme.
Your old-media minds have not yet understood this new-media concept.


Hmmmm, current format allows me to read the posts at the full width of my 19" monitor. The new version scrunches the posts into the middle 1/3rd of the screen requiring me to scroll constantly to read anything, while left with several inches of white space on both sides. Umm, no thanks. That is just terrible site development. Use a scalable table or don't use one at all. Why should 95% of us suffer while you try to accomodate the 5% that are still using a ridiculous 800X600 screen resolution.

Until you go full-width with the new format, I'll be sticking to the current format.


HOLY COW! Just read the prices for "Prime Buzz." Who do you all actually think is going to shell out $400/year? Maybe if I was getting an annual $7000 bonus from a Jackson County legislator I could afford to throw away that kind of money, but most people cannot. Sorry, I don't see the added value at that kind of cost. When you all first mentioned a paid premium I was thinking $5/month or $50/yr. This pricing scheme you've revealed is absolutely laughable in this mid-sized market. I would bet good money that there will not be more than 25 subscribers at that price within the first 6 months. Of course, that will still net you (roughly) a cool $10,000. Hey, it's a free country - go for it, but don't be surprised when people aren't biting.


Seriously, WIDEN THE NEW FORMAT -- your formatting width is a complete joke and completely unreadable. I use an old-fashioned 19" CRT monitor -- can't imagine how frustrated readers with newer widescreen monitors must feel trying to read it. Scalable formatting is HTML 101. You got it right the first time, so could you miss it during creation of the "new, improved" version?? It doesn't matter how good the content is if the presentation is problematic.


I've been there and done that and discovered new depth to the phrase, "learn from your mistakes".

Newcomers on top in 3rd District 'poll'
It’s an unscientific poll, of course, but the crowd at a forum for 3rd District candidates Tuesday night favored political newcomers.
The forum was sponsored by five organizations: True Vine Baptist Church, True Vine CDC, Metropolitan Missionary Baptist Church, Washington Wheatley Neighborhood Association and CCO (Church Community Organization).
All five in-district candidates — City Councilwoman Saundra McFadden-Weaver, former state representative Sharon Sanders Brooks, former city councilwoman Carol Coe, and newcomers Teola Powell and Brandon Ellington — were there.
Both 3rd District At-Large candidates — former state Rep. Melba Curls and newcomer DeBorah “Dee” Williams — also attended.
They spoke to a crowd of 67 people. Afterward, 52 people cast mock ballots.
In the in-district race, audience members cast 23 “votes” for Ellington, a 26-year-old University of Missouri-Kansas City student who has never run for elected office. The next most popular was Sanders Brooks, who got 17 “votes.” McFadden-Weaver collected 8 tallies, and Coe and Powell got 2 apiece.
And in the at-large race, the edge went to Williams, who retired last year after 30 years working for the city. She got 37 tallies compared to Curls’ 15. Williams has never run for elected office. Curls served in the Missouri House of Representatives from 2000 to 2006 and her husband served 26 years in the Missouri General Assembly.
Submitted by Lynn Franey


Lynn Franey,

Not to quibble, but why don't you post that comment under a relevant topic? Under the site's T&C, it's my understanding that the comments for this thread should be regarding the thread topic, namely the new KC Buzz Blog format, anything else is essentially spam. Save non-relevant comments for the open threads please.


Best wishes and good luck to the Star in their new endeavor, however, I am clearly not a member of the targeted audience.


Chris would have to be stupid to pay that much for any Internet content, save scholarly journals etc. Thats why blogs became so popular in the first place.

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